2017 Registrations

​Fee covers: organized travel during the Games, facilities and events, 4 stars hotel accommodation (breakfast and dinner), Book, Certificate, excursions (​3 with and 1 without lunch) and one-day art colony, with artistic material.
Fees for artists:
- shared double bedroom / 770 euros
- single room accommodation / 930 euros
Fees for others​ and guests​:
- shared double bedroom / 700 euros
- single room accommodation / 860 euros
​Fees for not present artists:
- exhibitors, with sent art work / 300 euros​
- others / 200 euros

Dynamics and deadlines:

    • PRELIMINARY REGISTRATIONS (for WAG members): From now, you can send preliminary registration, only with the name of artist and art discipline (will help us in planning)
    • REGISTRATIONS: From February 15th
    • Deadline for registration: May 30th
    • Deadline for data for the Book: May 30th
    • Deadline for short description of performances (plus title, duration, number of performers, preferable space, needed technical support, else): May 30th
    • Deadline for full fee payment: June 30th
    • deadline for applications is May 30th
    • workshop should be described in detail or sent hints for lecture (with duration, needed technical support, needed material, desirable space, expected results)
  4. VISAS: with the aim that visa process is completed successfully and all visa applicants manage to get a visa, please keep the following
    • from February 15th - till April 30th we accept registrations with additional data for visa process
    • due to our State` regulation (Visa application shall be submitted no sooner than three months prior to the date of the intended trip) you can start visa process from May 10th

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