GAMES 2022

Saturday, August 20, 2022 (All day) to Tuesday, August 30, 2022 (All day)
from August 20-30,2022
in the Republic of North Macedonia
WAG State` conference

August 20-22, 2022

Skopje, Capitol of the Republic of North Macedonia
6th WAG Festival
August 22-30, 2022
Skopje & Ohrid
Meeting point is Hotel Gold, Skopje (Address: Str. Boulevard Krste Misirkov No.13, Skopje),
where we have accommodation (bed & breakfast) and the conference activities, as well
/ taxi from the airport to the Skopje is about 16-20 EUR (app. 24 km, 26 minutes drive)
Accommodation, based on bed & breakfast, is in the cities and hotels:
  • Skopje, August 20-24: Hotel Gold, 4*
  • Ohrid, August 24-28: Hotel Park Lakeside, 4*
  • Skopje, August 28-30: Hotel Ibis, 4*
Besides breakfast, during the Festival we will have at least one meal (group lunch or dinner) organized and covered in hotels or different restaurants.
Facilities for a different programs:
  • WAG State` Conference: Hotel Gold, Skopje
  • 5th WAG FestivalP.I House of Culture “Kocho Racin”, Skopje, opening and programs on August 23
    • Group Exhibition & Opening in the large salon of the GALLERY “KO-RA”
    • Concert Cello & Guitar in the saloon of the Gallery KO-RA – downstairs
    • Concert with Vocal in the saloon of the Gallery KO-RA - downstairs
    • Poetry Event in the roof GREEN GARDEN
    • Vocal Performance in the roof GREEN GARDEN
  • WAG Children Project: the City Garden, in front of  P.I House of Culture “Kocho Racin”, Skopje
    • Flags "My Favourite Animal" (exhibition from August 22-29)
  • Art Workshop: Hotel Park Lakeside, Ohrid
What we will visit:
  • Canyon Matka -  Canyon Matka is beautiful and protected Natural Reserve, home to 77 species of Balkan endemic small butterflies and 18 other species that are new to the science. Matka Lake is popular with kayakers and divers. We will enjoy boat ride (45 min., covered) and views on the canyon. In the heart of the Canyon there is a great restaurant "Canyon Matka", if you like to avoid a boat ride.
  • Tetovo
    • Isa Beg Hammam, Gallery
    • Colorful Mosque on the river Pena
  • House of Miyaksa Museum like Restauran under the St. Jovan Bigorski Monastery
    • optional choice is 700 m away, a 10 min. hike, is St Jovan Bigorski Monastery, but bus cannot go up to the gate, due to very curvy road / Monastery is a beautiful spiritual place, holding one of the most impressive wood carved iconostas in the world, made by the prominent Macedonian woodcarving masters of the 19th century - Petar Filipovski Garkata, his brother Marko, and Makarie Frckovski, all of them from the Miyak district of Macedonia. Entry fee is 2 EUR, not covered
  • The Bay of the Bones, Museum (entrance fee covered) - reconstruction of the prehistoric pile dwelling settlements
  • Trpejca village, known as "Macedonian Saint-Tropez" - Perfect spot for swimming in the crystal clear water, take your swim suits. / Bus can not go to village, and we will have to walk 350 m, 5 min. walking, mostly stears
  • St. Naum Monastery (entrance fee covered) 
  • Restaurant Ostrovo - well known restaurant near St. Naum Monastery, lying by the springs of Black Drim river
  • Heraclea Lyncestis - a city settlement founded in the middle of the 4th century BC, by King Philip II of Macedonia, is located on the southern outskirts of the city of Bitola, at the foot of Mount Baba
    (entrance fee & guide, covered)
  • Bitola Museum (covered entrance fee) - is located in the building called “Old army Barack”, which is a registered monument of culture of the first category. As it was a military high school (Idadie), among others, in this facility was educated Mustafa Kemal Ataturk – the founder and first president of the modern Republic of Turkey. Within the museum building are located the Permanent exhibition of Bitola area and the memorial room of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk
  • Popova Kula Winery, Temple of wine - is located in the valley of Demir Kapija that lays on the southeast part of the Tikvesh, famous Macedonian wine region
  • Skopje - Exploring the City Center
    in the afternoon of August 29, before our farewell party, we are going to explore Skopje city Center, with our private walking tour as long as we like - City's Old Bazaar, Stone Bridge, Art Bridge, Freedom Bridge, Mother Teresa Memorial House, National Theater, Skopje City Museum, Daut Pasha Hamam Gallery, Cifte Hamam Gallery, abundance of statues including the monument and fountain of the Hero (Alexander the Great)...
Upon arrival you will get
  • Accreditation - for all participants
  • Book & Certificate - only artists participants
  • Book "9 Month` Winners" - only winners from "9 Months" art contests
To those who choose only to be in the Book:
  • Book will be send during the Festival, by post
  • we need your full ADDRESS, where you want book to be sent
Conference topics and schedule:
  • as soon as we get all registrations with requested details, will make it public and send final schedule to everyone
  • Thank you for paying your fees on time - it helps us to organize festival with more joy and less tension and difficulties 
We look forward to meeting you soon!
WAG Organization
Jasminka & Peter

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