"SCREAM FOR PEACE" 7th WAG Festival, GAMES 2023

Monday, February 6, 2023 (All day) to Tuesday, February 14, 2023 (All day)
Åsgårdstrand, Norway
from February 6-14, 2023
Maximum number of participants:
  • required minimum 40 participants (or Festival will be canceled)
  • maximum 90 participants (applications above that number will be rejected)
  • ONLY WAG members can take part (and their accompanies)
Suggested closest airports:
  • Oslo Sandefjord Torp Airport, or
  • Oslo Gardermoen Airport

How to travel from Oslo to Åsgårdstrand, 

options, timetable and prices will be sent in time
  • NOK 13.660 (1.318 EUR) - per person with accommodation in double room
  • NOK 17.200 (1.660 EUR) - per person with accommodation in a single room
The fee amounts in EUR are based on the current exchange rate, and are subject to change

Bank account details

payments to the WAG Norway National Committee` bank account:
World Art Games Norway - President Elfi Sverdrup

Organisasjonsnummer( Org. no.: ) 996429377

Kontonnummer Bank account no.: ) 1503.19.61162

IBAN: NO2515031961661



  • latest by November 10, 2022 - not refundable deposit of 250 EUR
  • latest by December 15, 2022 - the full fee amount paid
Fee includes:
  • "Unike Grand Hotel", hotel accommodation (bed & breakfast)  
  • one main meal per day
  • one local excursion
  • one excursion to Oslo 
  • participation in workshops
  • event in the Viking Hall GILDEHALLEN
  • entry fee to one museum in Oslo (The Munch Museum or The National Museum)
  • daily stay in the WAG Norway`s own festival location - Seilforeningen 
Not included in the fee:
  • travel from the airport to Åsgårdstrand, and back (arrival and departure)
  • restaurants visits
  • alcoholic drinks
  • Book of the Games - will not be released this time
Performances, exhibition, workshops and happenings
as usual - based on what each registered WAG participant want to present during the WAG in Norway
Exhibits requirements:
  • visual artists - only one artwork, per person, only size 40x40 can be brought for Exhibition
  • exhibition will be set up by professional curator 
  • sculptors and other three dimensional craft artists - have no size limitation for exhibits
  • Ice sculpture project led by a professional ice sculptor that will result in an ice sculpture made by the attending WAG participants. 
  • Mask workshop with the famous Norwegian-Danish singer Birgitte Grimstad. She has learned mask making by the Greenlandic group TUKAK, and has been teaching in India, Australia, New Zealand and in Nordic countries. The workshop will result in a happening during the arrangement including the WAG participants. 
  • Vocal workshop with Elfi Sverdrup that lasts more than one day. This will result in a larger sound performance based on local folk song traditions. We will encourage each participant, who want to work with song or music, to bring a folk song from their own country, that may be a part of a greater sound performance 
  • Historic contemporary play (EDDA) specially written by the Norwegian author Erling Kittelsen in cooperation, with among others, the famous jazz musician Trygve Seim. This will be performed in the fantastic Viking Hall "Gildehallen", close to the Viking Museum "Midgard Viking Center".  
  • Visit to Edvard Munchs house in Åsgårdstrand where he painted some of his most famous paintings  
WAG Norway reserves rights to make changes in the program
Main meals:
  • we will cook main meals, each day
  • everyone can apply to cook one day - it would be great to try dishes from various national cuisines
  • applications to cook, till December 15th (with dish details - recipe and ingredients)
Email addresses 
registrations and communications to WAG Norway, with WAG HQ in cc
Registered participants who cancel or don t pay full fee amount till deadline, will not get the deposit back
Åsgårdstrand, Norway
- from today, until the given deadline

World Art Games Norway

- National Committee

- Organizing Committee

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