Annual Report for 2014​

We are looking back on our activities in 2014, with the yearly report of WAG HQ.
The report does not mention NC` activities, but we will use your NC`s yearly reports, attach them to our report and publish on WAG website, to show complete a comprehensive display of movement WAG network in the past year.
(NC report should not be too extensive, otherwise should include a summary for publication.)

Year 2014 was a year of hibernation, only in relation to the maintenance of the central event WORLD ART GAMES (1st we held in 2013 in Croatia, and the 2nd will be held in 2015 in Slovakia), but 2014 was rich with many other activities, in the field of artistic events, promotion and normal operation, as well as intensive preparation of the Games in Slovakia. The past year partly reflected an global financial instability, in some committees more or less, in the scope of activities. As well as any year so far, 2014 has brought changes in the structure of WAG network - with entrance of new states, leadership changes and the like.

Most importantly - year 2014 was a year of growth and strengthening of our organization. We finished six full years of work as the world organization that covers a large number of countries in the world. WAG follows own mission and vision by implementation of each step on our road-map, to achieve stronger influence on artistic developments in the wider aspect, in the whole world.
(In accordance with this, important activities recommended to all committees for 2015, are even powerful presence on the national cultural scene and the organizational and financial strengthening of national organizations - through cooperation with national arts organizations, support of national institutions, sponsors and donors.)

We look forward to the year in which we will meet again, at the Games - large international gathering of artists / significant display of artistic development in all artistic disciplines.

Activities of WAG HQ:

1.) HQ in collaboration with some NC`s during 2014 year held series of exhibitions of WAG Collection on which were represented WAG` artists who donated their works. Exhibitions:

PECS (Hungary), Gallery of Croatian Theater - organized and financed by HQ

SLAVONSKI BROD (Croatia), Gallery Goll - organized and financed by HQ

PRIEWIDZA (Slovakia), Art Gallery - co organized and co financed with NC Slovakia

GYOR (Hungary) - City Museum - co organized and co financed with NC Hungary

VIENNA (Austria) – Palais Porcia - co organized with NC Austria, financed by NC Austria, co financed by NC Hungary

2.) HQ initiated and agreed with the city of Bratislava (Slovakia), Stare Mesto - administrative center of Bratislava, with the help and support of Croatian Embassy in Slovakia, to be held there the 2nd Games, September 2o15. Travel, accommodation and other expenses (more meetings) covered by HQ

3.) HQ has financed conceptual design and production of promo videos (WAG net and the Games in 2015 - promo material visible on our website)

4.) HQ has financed the design and production of posters and invitations for Games 2014

5.) We have expanded WAG network with a new member countries in 2014. year. These are: Morocco, Ukraine, Tanzania, Ivory Coast, Uruguay, Romania, Indonesia, Oman.
Unfortunately, some NC`s we abolished as Portugal, Egypt and Jamaica / or asked to depart, after their declarations of failure to participate the Games 2015 - as Turkey and Belgium.

To other NC`s who still have not fully declared participation in the Games were given chance till the end of this month (registration deadline) to do so. We hope that those NC`s who are not, will soon announce the participation in the Games. If the board will not send any artist, we will consider that there is no need for their existence, so will ask them to retreat and therefore open space for new people in NC.

6.) Unfortunately, we had a big failure by organizing annual conferences and programs in Portugal. We were damaged and grossly deceived by NC` president in Portugal, Mrs. Maria do Carmo, who financially damaged some NC`s which either booked flights or even paid part of the fee's / and she did not return them money. Of course when we heard of her gross violation and attempted fraud, we immediately abolished NC Portugal, but we did not have time to organize the Conference elsewhere.

7.) At the invitation of NC Indonesia president, due to the shortness of time, fewer WAG artists responded to participate in a cultural event, announced for Malaysia - MICAF 2014. These were artists from six WAG national organizations: Montenegro, Nepal, Oman, Netherlands, Iran and New Zealand. The organizers canceled the event, and as far as we know, they compensate the financial cost to all applicants. With the organization nor the cancellation - WAG HQ had nothing.

8.) HQ regularly maintained WAG website, with NC` subpages, collaborated with all NC's, and regularly report on all activities and referred to the calls or activities of committees. The whole job of coordination HQ presidency work voluntarily. Individual services of WAG HQ partly were financed from a different project applications, by institutions and organizations. HQ covered marketing activities in seeking cooperation with institutions, cities, sponsors, all for the purpose of development and expansion of WAG activities.

We take this opportunity to point out certain WAG` national organizations, those who realized big or more different projects and with whose activity and correct correspondence and monitoring of all the events we are extremely satisfied. Here we would like to highlight Chile, Argentina, Austria, Hungary, Netherlands, Morocco, Nigeria, Finland, Norway, Azerbaijan, New Zealand, Nepal, Oman, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Ethiopia. Of course we are grateful to all other NC`s which may for special reasons have specific problems, for which we hope will be soon resolved.

The annual fee for 2015 per NC, according to voted proposals, is 100 Euros / regardless of the number of members of NC (if there are five members, it is 20 euros per person, per year). We expect to receive fee for 2015 till the end of February.

Soon, registrations for the Games 2015 will be over. There is only another 20 days (until 31.01.2015.). We believe that each national WAG will be present at the Games in Bratislava. Otherwise, we will have to seek new leaderships of the committees in some states, in order to improve their work and progress of the whole network.

We expect your reports, till the end of this month, and we are looking forward to good cooperation this year and meeting with many of you in September in Bratislava.

Best regards and happy new year!


NC Annual Reports

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