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The country was represented at the exhibition of young artists in Croatia

World Art Games - World of Art Olympiad in Croatia was established as an organization, and the mission is to create a network of artists around the world. About 60 countries are members of this organization in the world. One of the most beautiful ideas of WAG to find new friends from other countries, to share experiences, to represent the culture of the countries. The next meeting of the Network, June 29 - Zagreb, Croatia, on July 10, 2013, Ludbreq, held in the cities of Vukovar and Umaq. During this time, exhibitions, concerts, theatrical sketches, poets, writers, and other events were held in the meeting. During the meeting, painters, sculptors, actors, singers and other talented creative young people have demonstrated their art. Here in Argentina, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Chile, Montenegro, Turkey, Mexico, Colombia, Israel, Iran, Norway, New Zealand, and other countries were represented. It was the first time that this event took place. Youth Foundation, with the support of the members of the Artists' Union and Lala Aghayeva Günel Ravilova Ludbreq and drawings were exhibited in Vukovar. Khalilova Memorial events to be held in Croatia in the country participated in the event, representing artists and their work, and expressed his pride for his personal involvement in the events of World Art Games for Youth Fund under the Azerbaijani President expressed his gratitude for the support and care.

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