WAG Mural

Two worlds united by a single representation: the tango.

The members of the delegation Argentina (WAG ARGENTINA) have made and presented to the organizers of the World Art Games 2013 a mural in which highlights the popular music and dance of Tango, which is danced across continents, in Argentina in Croatia and in the world.

Buenos Aires is known worldwide for being the city where he has cultivated tango. The dance is one of the most important expressions and the tango is visual beauty. This it illustrates the spirit of the music.

Mural from 3:00 x 1.80, made in fabric. Painted and intervened-mixed media - Idea and realization, in alphabetical order:

Autore, Silvia

Bainotti, María Agustina

Beneito, María Elena

Carballo, Hugo

Domjan Bórquez, Nella

Fahler Semsey, Dariak Andres

Giussani, Silvia Claudia

Juarez, Angel Ricardo

Olivari, Dina

Rebora, Elsa Mabel

Tishchenko, Yuri

Zotta, Eugenio Miguel Antonio

Contact: argentina@wagames.org

or through WAG Argentina on facebook

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