WAG School / WAG Centre

WAG School / WAG Centre
The proponent: Marcel Zongo, WAG Burkina Faso` President

WAG-Schools Project and WAG-Centre’s Project


  • The project consist to each WAG NC to find places to implant, to build edifices of WAG school “of art and culture” or WAG centre “of and culture formation”, in accord with each WAG NC National legislative and WAG Ideal.
  • WAG-Schools can be:
    • Elementary school (teaching basic selective variety of art discipline and
      general education combined, for children).
    • Secondary school (teaching all categories of art discipline)
  • WAG-Centre can be:

    • University (teaching in special research of all categories of art discipline)
    • Centre of professional formation (teaching and making practice in all or in
      a special category of art discipline).
  • WAG-Schools and WAG-Centre edifices can be able to build by public financial investment (WAG NC, National government, International organization) or by private investor (individual person or society group); or by in possible case; if there are some education Institute or centre of
    professional formation in art and culture department who are ready to transform their propriety to WAG-Schools or WAG-Centre in accord with WAG NC National legislative in WAG ideal.
  • WAG-Schools and WAG-Centre can be to implant in anywhere of WAG NC country, region, city and other places respecting environmental security of human rights.
    Their numbers are unlimited by each WAG NC
  • WAG-School composition:
    • Pupils artist,
    • Master of pupils artist,
    • Teacher of pupils artist,
    • Coach of pupils artist,
    • Founder and his administration staff.
  • WAG-Centre composition:
    • Student artist,
    • Professional artist,
    • Artist master,
    • Artist professor,
    • Artist coach,
    • Founder and his administration.
  • Each WAG-School or WAG-Centre can be selective of the number of its classrooms by art category and discipline.

To build WAG-Schools and WAG-Centre’s Edifices, - To learn WAG Education, -To connect professionals’ artists formed all over the world in the field of art and culture, - And to participate to the Games “WAG” in WAG village (gathering place of Games) with professionals WAG NC Teams.


  • To build WAG-School and WAG-Centre’s edifices in all WAG members state,
  • To learn WAG Educational program
  • To organise Art and Culture activities and competitions (Games) between them, WAG-School and WAG-Centre’s.
  • To bring more support to contribute the Games (WAG) preparation of each WAG member state with formed and professional Artists from WAG-School and WAG-Centre’s Edifices.
  • To participate to the Games (WAG) with professional National Cultural Team formed.

Values: WAG Ideal.

Principles: WAG Ideal.

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