Being the world's leading independent organization in the field of modern arts, art and culture


  • to establish committees in all states and therefore to connect artists of all artistic disciplines into a powerful NET, which will enable them larger recognition, professional development, education, etc.
  • to create, synchronize, manage cultural activities for the benefit of:
    • members (enabling them to increase the value of their work),
    • art lovers (by increasing available intangible wealth by providing artistic flow),
    • children, young people and thus future society (by dispersive representation of the world of art and culture, maintaining art projects and exchanges, we will early and permanently establish a framework of tolerance and acceptance of diversity and differences, concerning art and people, for the young generations)

Life, Person, Humanity, Arts, Education, Tolerance, Development, Unity, Love and Freedom.

The WAG Association stands open to all States and people who respect Human Rights, regardless of skin color, ethnicity, religion, age, gender, sexual preference, social status or political persuasion.

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