Description of the basic elements:

  • Basic shape is a circle - a perfect form of energy as a symbol of continuity
  • In the middle is white stylized Leonard`s "Man" with open arms - as a symbol of art, creativity, openness and acceptance
  • The colors are selected as symbols of the basic concepts and elements of the world in which we live - White and Black (as a night and day, the beginning and end), and the blue, red, yellow and green (as the four basic elements: water, fire, air and earth) and the colors are associated with the following concepts:

    White - a day, beginning, purity, unity
    Blue - water, peace, truth and nobility
    Red - fire, love and joy of creativity
    Yellow - air, light, mind and intelligence
    Green - earth, life and continuity of changes
    Black - the night, peace, absolute in which all colors are hidden

  • Colors in playful rhythm going beyond perfect circle, such as art bursting with creative restlessness

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